Skin Consultation

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Skin Consultation services offered in Missoula, MT

A skin consultation involves analyzing your largest organ for issues or areas of concern. At Missoula Wellness & Medspa in Missoula, Montana, board-certified Lisa Pacheco, DO, performs a comprehensive skin consultations for those who desire an assessment of the health of their skin. Schedule a skin consultation today by phone or use the online scheduling tool today.

Skin Consultation Q & A

What is a skin consultation?

As you age, your skin naturally begins to change. As the largest organ on your body, it becomes easily exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, toxins in the environment, and experiences wear-and-tear over the years. 

As you get older, your skin also decreases its collagen production, which causes it to sag, droop, wrinkle, and develop spots. You can also develop skin issues like rosacea and acne at any age.

Dr. Pacheco has the expertise to examine your skin and provide preventive skincare maintenance services. She intently examines your skin to determine if you have any areas of concern and discusses any changes you have noticed. 

She can also take pictures of moles, spots, skin texture, and tone, noting any changes between consultations.

Who should have a skin consultation?

Every person should have a baseline skin consultations . You should also periodically monitor your skin to see if you notice any changes. If you do, schedule an exam with Dr. Pacheco as soon as possible.

Risk factors that require an annual skin exam include:

  • Family history of melanoma
  • Personal history of melanoma, atypical moles, skin cancer
  • History of blistering your skin from the sun
  • History of tanning bed use
  • Visible moles all over your body

Skin consultations can also lead to treatments for skin problems like rosacea, brown spots, and skin redness.

What happens during a skin consultation?

Skin consultations are quick and painless. Dr. Pacheco examines your skin type and texture, checks your skin for issues of concern, and consults with you about your skin care routine and aesthetic goals. 

She also talks to you about preventive measures on how to take care of your skin, which starts with self-observations and skin exams by a specialist like Dr. Pacheco. 

What treatments can a skin consultation lead to?

Dr. Pacheco uses a wide range of cutting-edge technologies that include the popular non-ablative Palomar Icon IPL (intense pulsed light). It refines your skin texture, evens out discoloration, and delivers fractionated heat to help your treated areas heal faster. 

At Missoula Wellness & Medispa, Dr. Pacheco customizes your treatment to give you the best outcome.

To learn more about skin consultations , call the office or book an appointment online today.