How Long Do Cosmetic Fillers Last – What Skin Doctors Say

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How Long Do Cosmetic Fillers Last – What Skin Doctors Say

Here’s what top skin doctors near you have to say about how long do cosmetic fillers last

If you want to appear more youthful and get rid of skin imperfections without cosmetic surgery, you can opt for a natural procedure that is all the rage these days. Cosmetic fillers are non-surgical procedures for facial volume concerns, such as deep under eyes, lip enhancement, check definition, absence of chin projects, and other genetics issues and age-related volume loss. 

They are also useful with other problems such as fine lines, creases, wrinkles, and acne scars. They are becoming popular among both men and women as they deliver visible results without using invasive methods. These cosmetic treatments enhance a person’s features and particular parts of their appearance. They are commonly known for being easily administered and for providing quick results compared to traditional plastic surgery. 

While fillers are used for several conditions, many people are hesitant because of longevity and reservations about putting something harmful and unnatural into their bodies. However, here are some significant concerns answered about the treatment. 

How long can they last up to?

  • Most cosmetic fillers are known for lasting up to four to five years. However, the common knowledge is that their effectiveness remains for between six months and two years. That being said, cosmetic fillers are not permanent.

It depends on the practitioner on how trained they are to give a natural result with the treatment, the time a patient gets from the fillers, and the placement of the product to determine its longevity. When combined, these factors can decide how long a filler can last, from a few months to a few years.

What can affect the longevity of fillers? 

  • There are a few things people need to consider before getting cosmetic fillers. Activities such as alcohol consumption, sunlight exposure, and smoking can affect its longevity. Every skin type will have a different reaction to the treatment, and it also depends on what area of the face is being treated. 

How to choose the right filler 

  • Visit a consultant to recommend you the best cosmetic procedures based on your aesthetic concerns, your required results, and whether you can take injectables or not. You can also ask questions and share your anxieties about the treatment. Only then will you be able to decide on the appropriate cosmetic filler for your needs. 

What can I get treated? 

There are several options available as an alternative to traditional plastic surgery. These treatments can help people with problems such as:

  • Folds, sagging skin, or drooping
  • Thin lips or a gummy smile
  • Acne scars or grooves 
  • Crow’s feet, bunny lines, and laugh lines 

Cosmetic Fillers

Are there any side effects? 

  • So far, it has been reported that cosmetic fillers are a safe method with effective results. Most cosmetic fillers used in medical aesthetic facilities contain a natural substance. The side-effects can be relatively minimal, and some methods may not even require much recovery.

Most of the procedures can be a bit uncomfortable but not painful. The swelling generally takes a few days to heal, and you can go back to your regular routine after that. The practitioner would advise you on what not to do after the treatment, for example, wearing makeup, drinking coffee, or going out in the sun. When you get the procedure done from a high-end clinic, you can see an improvement within the same day, so it is advisable to do your research. 

If you have made up your mind to get a cosmetic filler, you can make an appointment at Missoula Wellness and Medispa or talk to our experts for a consultation regarding the non-surgical solutions we offer.