Botox – Does it Really Work?

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Botox – Does it Really Work?

Botox – Does It Really Work? Doctors Reveal the Truth

We live in a time where we have near light speed fast access to almost unlimited information in the palm of our hands and at the tip of our fingers with the help of such modern technologies like computers, phones, and the internet. Ironically enough, we also live in a time where a lot of our information sources like the news media, the entertainment industry, and individual accounts on social media are not reliable. And, when the information is something topical like cosmetic surgery, the truth about things can get even more muddled in the mix. That’s okay though because we can science our way through any questions and our question is – does Botox work?

The Scientific Answer

Therefore, what does science say about Botox? The short answer to that question is yes – the science says Botox injection treatment does work as a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure. Botox helps to visually reduce the wrinkles on a person’s face. However, the effects of a Botox injection treatment are temporary and will fade away with time. What is more important to note here is that Botox injection treatment can have a lot of negative unwanted side effects as well. The most common side-effect of a Botox injection treatment is paralysis.

Sometimes, the Botox injection can be mistakenly administered into the wrong muscles. Other times, Botox can spread to other muscles near the injection point. In both cases, the unintended muscles can be left paralyzed and this can lead to partial facial paralysis, which in turn comes with even more inconveniences like the weakening of the muscles, trouble swallowing, headaches, stomach aches allergic reactions, etc. The non-cosmetic, therapeutic use of Botox can have more life-threatening side effects like seizures, heart attacks, respiratory arrest, and in some cases even death.

Scientifically Approved Botox Treatments

Now that we understand what Botox does, and the risks that can come with it, let us talk about the scientifically approved Botox treatments. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States Department of Health and Human Services approves the cosmetic usage of Botox for smoothing out the wrinkles in the forehead region between the eyebrows and in the corner of the eyes. Botox is also approved for reducing forehead and frown lines. Other than this, Botox is approved for usage in the treatment of various medical conditions like esophageal and neurological disorders, involuntary blinking, abnormal sweating, crossed eyes, etc. Contact Aesthetics Medical Spa and Skin Care Center for Botox services in Missoula MT.