An Overview of Medical Peels

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An Overview of Medical Peels

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As most of us know, medical spas can be spendy. It’s a worthwhile investment to splurge on your skin’s wellbeing. However, if we could choose only one aesthetic medical procedure to offer patients, it would be a series of medical peels. From a business perspective, medical peels DO generate less income. But from a patient’s perspective, a series of individually tailored medical peels improves the quality and health of the skin beautifully. When dead/damaged skin cells are removed, the process stimulates the fresh skin underneath to replace them. Peels are effective for treating dull color, surface congestion, brown pigment, fine lines, acne and dark acne scarring, redness, and dry skin.

This is a tried and true procedure that has been refined over thousands of years. The first medical peels in recorded history were tailored for Cleopatra in 40 BC. Cleopatra was known for (among other things) her fabulous complexion. Though peel solutions have changed significantly over the centuries, the basic process is the same: a mild acidic solution is applied to the skin, which dissolves the damaged upper skin layers and allows a healthy new layer to grow.

Medical Peels

Applying Epidermal Growth Factors (EGFs) to the skin immediately after a medical peel is scientifically proven to stimulate skin cell growth. EGFs can be found in specific facial care products and are known to help the regeneration process of epidermal (skin) cells. They are derived from biological or botanical sources. Plasma Rich Platelets, placenta extracts, snail slime, and the botanicals comfrey and plantain (to name a few) all contain EGFs of varying strengths.

It is important to note that frequent peels are not the best treatment for patients with aging skin. This is because as we age it takes much longer for our skin to regenerate (approximately 6 months at age 60). In comparison, an 18-year old’s face naturally exfoliates and grows a new layer every 24 hours. Frequent, regular medical peels in older skin can lead to thinner, more fragile skin. For the most effective results in mature skin, we recommend only one series of medical peels with EGF’s per year.

No matter the age, a series of individually tailored medical peels combined with the use of EGFs not only improves overall appearance- it boosts the health, strength, and quality of the skin.