7 Amazing Benefits of SculpSure

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7 Amazing Benefits of SculpSure

Here are 7 astonishing benefits of SculpSure compiled by dermatologists in Missoula

In the last few years, noninvasive procedures to reduce and eliminate fat have become increasingly popular. SculpSure is one such procedure. A belt is strapped on the body that delivers a targeted laser to eliminate fat cells. Its effects are long-lasting and the result is 100% natural. We have compiled 7 amazing benefits of SculpSure. Read more about them below:

It Is Painless

  • SculpSure is completely harmless and painless. It is approved by the FDA as a non-invasive procedure. It is done as an in-office procedure and each session is approximately 25 minutes long.

SculpSure uses laser targeting to eliminate fat cells underneath your skin. SculpSure uses temperature control to make sure the surface of your skin stays cool, even when the lasers are working at their maximum intensity.

It Is A Quick Procedure

  • A typical SculpSure session lasts only for 25 minutes. There are no pre-treatment preparations required.

After the session is over, the patient can go about their lives normally. The treatment area does not require any massage or rubbing.

Your Skin Isn’t Damaged

  • SculpSure does not damage your skin or tissues. It is a noninvasive procedure. This means that there are no needles or injections involved. SculpSure also does not pull or tug on your skin. You can rest assured that it won’t leave marks of any kind on your skin.

The targeted laser affects only the fat cells. Nearby tissues and muscles are kept safe. Thus it helps avoid unnecessary complications.

It Causes Minimal Discomfort

  • SculpSure causes minimal to zero discomforts. This is made possible due to the internal cooling mechanism. It prevents the body and skin surface temperature from rising above normal levels.

Patients who underwent SculpSure described feeling general warmth in the treatment area. They also described feeling pins and needles, but it was an on and off feeling.


Its Effects Are Long Lasting

  • As compared with other techniques, SculpSure’s effects last longer. The fat elimination process is started by SculpSure but the rest of the work is done by the patient’s own body. It helps remove stubborn fat that is difficult to get rid of otherwise.

Most patients reported seeing positive effects within the first few weeks of the treatment. Usually, a few follow-up sessions are scheduled.

It Looks Natural

  • After the laser has done its work, the patient’s body is left to take care of the rest naturally. The patient’s lymphatic system removes the dead fat cells from the body. This ensures that they do not regenerate.

As this is done naturally by the body, belly fat goes away gradually. This helps the skin retain its elasticity. When all the fat has been eliminated, skin and abdomen look 100% natural. SculpSure makes sure there is no visible boundary between the treated and untreated area. Some experts call this the feathering effect.

It Works At Multiple Areas

  • SculpSure is not just for the abdomen. It can be used for thighs and on the patient’s back too. Using specialized attachments, it can be used for arms and under the chin.

Wherever it is used, it works on the same principle and fat elimination is the end result.

If you are interested in getting the SculpSure procedure done we will recommend that you select a licensed clinic. Inexperienced technicians and low-quality lasers can not only burn your skin but also cause irreparable damage to your body tissues.

If you need a professional service, you can consider booking an appointment with Missoula Wellness & Medispa. We are based in Missoula Montana. We are backed by thousands of positive reviews. After getting an assessment, our team of highly skilled professionals will recommend a SculpSure treatment plan that best works for you and your body.