5 Amazing Benefits of PRP Therapy for The Skin

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5 Amazing Benefits of PRP Therapy for The Skin

Learn 5 big benefits of PRP therapy for the skin from dermatologists

If there’s one facial that has become the leading trend in skincare and aesthetic therapy, it is the PRP facial or therapy. Also known as the ‘vampire facial’, this procedure gets its trendy name from the use of platelet enriched blood to rejuvenate the skin.

You might be wondering ‘where does the blood come from?’. Well, saying that it’s ethically sourced would be an understatement. The blood comes from your own body, preferably your arm, and is reinjected once it is enriched. It helps rejuvenate your skin and bring it back to life.

However, the therapy is not limited to the face alone as it brings results to any part of the skin it is used on. In case you’re interested in learning more, here are five of the best benefits one can expect to get out of PRP therapy.

The Benefits of PRP Therapy

Some of the most prominent benefits that most people get from PRP therapy are as follows:

Enhanced Collagen Production

  • After a certain age, the collagen production rate in your body starts diminishing rapidly and continues to do so for the remainder of your life. However, the use of PRP Therapy can be very beneficial for rejuvenating existing collagen in your skin.

As soon as the microneedles of the Vampire Facial penetrate the layers of your skin, your body will stimulate the dormant mechanism for collagen production. This will cause the body to produce fresh collagen again, making sure that you can keep your youthful glow for as long as possible.

Reduces Wrinkles

  • One of the biggest reasons behind people seeking a PRP treatment is wrinkles. Wrinkles can be caused due to a wide array of reasons such as stress, harsh weather, or simply due to the natural aging process.

However, with the help of a Vampire Facial, you can recycle the dead skin cells and aid the growth of newer ones. It also increases the production of elastin and collagen to ensure that wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, while the hollow regions on your skin are filled up to provide you with a fuller, healthier look.

Pulls Your Skin Together

  • With age comes a lot of skin sagging, which is caused due to the reduced development of collagen in your skin. This leads to your skin appearing to be a lot more gaunt, especially in more sensitive areas, such as your face.

PRP injections

However, PRP injections allow you to plump up these regions right back up without having to opt for a majorly invasive surgery that could lead to potential long-term damage. Not only can you use a Vampire Facial to plump your lips back up, but it will also help you re-contour your cheeks and other regions to bring back that radiant glow to your face.

Enhanced Tones And Textures

  • PRP treatments are an amazing way of countering hyperpigmentation and acne scars that may have developed over time.

A single Vampire Facial can set the grounds for old skin cells giving birth to new ones, helping you get rid of all the tone and texture issues that you might be facing with your skin.

Enhanced Moisture Retention

  • A stronger and more taut skin can hold on to moisture for a lot longer as compared to weak and sagging skin. Additionally, with a stronger layer of skin protecting the deeper layers, you will exhibit healthier skin for quite a while longer.

Retaining moisture on your skin will help you flush out your pores from all the impurities and irritants that might damage the deeper, more sensitive layers of your skin.

Get The Perfect Glow For Your Skin

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