4 Bad Habits That Lead to Unexplained Weight Gain

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4 Bad Habits That Lead to Unexplained Weight Gain

4 bad habits that result in unexplained weight gain

Obesity is a common issue in the USA. Over 70 million adults suffer from obesity while 99 million are overweight. Excessive weight leads to multiple physiological and psychological issues. Losing weight can be difficult and frustrating which is why it is better to prevent its gain in the first place.

In this article, we will explore 4 bad habits that lead to unexplained weight and fat gain. So read on.

Eating Food in A Hurry

  • In today’s world, everybody leads busy lives. We are usually running short on time hence we try to get as much done in as little time as possible. Most people eat their meals in a hurry which is not only bad for digestion but also leads to unintentional weight gain. Eating in a hurry does not result in a feeling of fullness or content. Hence, people often eat more than intended. Taking smaller bites and chewing food slowly will make you conscious of how much food you are eating and prevent you from overindulging.

Not Drinking Enough Water

  • Water is one of the most beneficial and primary components of our diet. However, an estimated 16-28% of adults don’t drink enough water that meets their daily water intake. As a result, they remain dehydrated during the day. The human mind perceives thirst as a sign of hunger and increases hunger cravings in the body.

Those who drink 8-10 glasses of water every day have significantly less craving for food and they feel more full and satiated during the day. Drinking one or two cups of water before breakfast can result in 22% lesser consumption of calories. What makes water the ideal drink is that it has zero calories and does not contribute to weight gain at all.

  • Replacing carbonated drinks with water can do wonders for the body.

Sleep Deprivation

  • According to estimates, 130 million Americans don’t get enough sleep of 6-8 hours. Sleep deprivation has a direct link with weight gain. When the body is not well-rested, cravings for sugary food increase, and we unintentionally munch on junk food to give us a temporary boost. Lack of sleep causes the body to release certain hormones which lead to more fat accumulation.

A well-rested body lacks the energy to perform laborious tasks. If you are sleep-deprived, you won’t have the energy to exercise either. Studies reveal that people who don’t get enough sleep are at a higher risk of gaining belly fat or visceral fat. Visceral fat is invisible as it surrounds the organs inside. Higher deposition of visceral fat makes a person more prone to heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Mindless Munching

Mindless Munching

  • Some people don’t take into account the quantity of food they consume and indulge in mindless munching of comfort food such as chips. Indulging in mindless eating during leisure time while watching TV, browsing the internet, or reading a book can make you lose track of how much you eat.

Such mindless eating can increase your daily calorie intake significantly. You may end up eating more throughout the day because a snack is not treated as a meal. Abstain from mindless eating in leisurely time and when taking your meal, remove all distractions and focus on the meal. Enjoy and savor every bite of the food and practice portion control.

Avoid these bad habits to prevent weight and fat gain. To get rid of tough fat deposits, you can opt for Sculpsure. It is an FDA-approved treatment that removes stubborn pockets of fat by using laser technology. For more information on this procedure, contact Missoula Wellness and Medispa. We are located in Missoula, MT. Call us at 406-549-6600.