PRP Injections

PRP Injections

PRP Injections for Skin Tightening, Reducing Appearance of Wrinkles and Bags, and for a Breast Lift

Short for platelet-rich plasma, PRP is a treatment option that researchers suggest promotes healing when injected. The primary use of PRP is tightening wrinkles and thus lessening their appearance. Also found in the blood, platelet-rich plasma is essentially what helps the blood to form clots. Though it is naturally comprised of 91 percent water, PRP contains blood proteins that support cell growth; this is primarily evident after a cut or injury. During PRP therapy, the medical practitioner will use the patient’s own plasma.

Therefore, by injecting PRP, one is promoting the growth of new tissue where there was once damage. While PRP is still pending approval from the Food and Drug Administration, there are those who swear by it as part of therapy after sustaining an injury. To find the best uses for PRP, researchers are looking into its healing properties in damage to the tendons, repairing an area post-surgery, preventing hair loss, and treating Osteoarthritis.

What is the process?

Once you arrive at the clinic, a medical practitioner will draw blood. The amount drawn is dependent on the total surface area of where the patient wishes to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or bags. As for a breast lift, more blood would be required. After the blood is drawn, a centrifuge separates the blood’s various components. Within 15 minutes, the plasma has been extracted. The concentration of this plasma is five to ten times more potent as compared to the blood that is found in the area where it is being introduced.

Your licensed medical professional will then inject the plasma into the desired area. Estimates for the entire procedure stand at around an hour. Apart from the needle prick that takes a few seconds to a minute to subside, patients experience little to no discomfort. Our patients can easily continue their daily routine after the procedure.

Are there any side effects?

As with any medical procedure, there are some potential risks. These, however, do not lie with the PRP itself, because it is the reintroduction of something your body already contains. Therefore it is unlikely that the body will view it as a threat. The possible side effects primarily lie with the injection itself. Your doctor will likely apply a numbing agent before the injection, however, a brief moment of mild to moderate pain is one drawback one might experience.

Other undesirable effects can include infection, tissue damage or nerve injury. These are rare but can be caused by the use of the needle. It is therefore crucial that you seek services from a licensed healthcare professional authorized to administer PRP.

What to expect

You will likely not see the results instantly. It can take as long as a few weeks or even months to note a significant difference, as healing and repair does not happen overnight. Additionally, other factors such as one’s health and the area of treatment determine the change. However, with time, you will spot the disappearance of undereye bags, along with less defined wrinkles, and breasts lifted higher on your chest.

Though there is a need for additional data as to the effectiveness of PRP in multiple areas, the effect on people’s lives is evident in the results from our clients. Contact us today to learn more about PRP therapy.