Dry / Oily Skin

Dry / Oily Skin

Is Your Skin Dry or Too Oily?

There are many times in which a patient of ours requires some kind of prescription-strength solutions to aid their particular skin conditions, and in these scenarios Dr. Pacheco will firstly examine your skin and then recommend a solution that you can’t receive over the counter. Check out how our physician directed skin care can help you today!

Dr. Pacheco makes sure that she provides her patients with only the very best, most effective skin care products that have been scientifically proven by the top researchers in the field. She avoids all types of products that have harsh ingredients, dyes, fragrances and other types of acne-producing oils that can have negative externalities.

The products that Dr. Pacheco provides her patients reflect the very latest in skin care technology, but are also going to feel comfortable to use and will blend well with other cosmetics. She is consistently assessing new products the come on the market, and currently she draws from the following skin care lines, plus many more:

This brand provides a whole array of skin care solutions that help protect your skin and prevent any future damage. They also do a great job at correcting any kind of damage that has already occurred. This company was established back in 1997 and has remained on the cutting edge of the industry ever since with the help of their award-winning research team.

PCA Skin
PCA Skin is a leader in the industry through their development of highly effective, yet gentle peel treatments and all-natural care products for everyday use. Dr. Pacheco is certified to administer these impressive treatments and products.

Elta MD Skincare
Elta MD is another leader in the skin care industry due to their development of very unique, full spectrum sun care products, as well as deep moisturizers. These products are great for people who have very sensitive skin and don’t react well to over-the-counter products.

Botanical Science Technologies (BST)

BST is a company that utilizes botanical products from all over the world by harvesting plants and then extracting their most beneficial ingredients when the plants are at their very peak of health. This results in specialty skin care products that are soothing, pure and very effective.

Renova .02%
This is a Retin-A product that is non-irritating and a low dose, which creates a very soothing exfoliation and also stimulates collagen synthesis. It’s a great prescription product that helps reduce fine lines, treat crows feet, smooth skin everywhere and treat under-eye skin.

This is the only FDA-approved prescription treatment that has been known to help grow eyelashes to make them appear thicker, longer and darker.
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